Photo by Carol VanHook


There sure is a lot of waiting around in this process. While you fine folks may be waiting for our next blog post to see whats been going on,  the reality is that there is just lots of waiting. And what does one do while waiting? Much like getting drunk and talking about how drunk you are. Waiting is the same way. So lets just look back at all the waiting we’ve done.

  • October 2014- After an our friends amazing wedding Nicole threw her birth control away in the trash can in front of Gordon Biersch. This marked the start of our journey.
  • 6 Months- That’s how much old fashioned trying they tell you to do before you consult a doctor
  • 2 Months – Time from when we called the doctor to when we actually got an appointment
  • 60ish Days- That was about how long it took us to do all the test and get a diagnoses
  • 2 months- Whether we did timed intercourse (so sexy) or an IUI it took 2 months between before we could get results and try again.
  • February of 2017 – We decided to see about becoming foster parents. This was an exciting idea. We were to be the first class of 2017. The foster care system (now called Resource Parents) had just been overhauled and the new system has 90 day approvals!
  • 90 days goes right on by and we are waiting on our social worker
  • 2 months – Ninja Takes hold! We were so excited to be pregnant! but alas it didn’t pan out.
  • 2 Months – Another 2 month wait before we could get started trying again.
  • More timed intercourse with new trigger drugs
  • We heard back from our Social Worker, “we are almost approved”. Just keep waiting.
  • 4 Months- IVF! – Waiting for a new cycle, 1 month of birth control, 1 month of Egg drugs, 1 week of growing embryos in the lab,  6 weeks of frozen embryos, 2 weeks of transfer prep.
  • Transfer Time – The embryos have been transferred back to Nicole. And now we wait again.

So all in all we are at just over 2 years of trying and waiting. Hopefully at the end of all this waiting there will be one heck of an announcement.

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